Athletes are such a wonder to behold. They cut across various sports, and we all have one or two persons who thrill us whenever we watch them perform.

Every time we watch our favorite athlete, we always expect them to perform, sometimes, better than previous performances.

However, we do not realize that, athletes have really tight schedules which they find it hard to keep up with.

A good portion of the schedule of an athlete requires him or her to either practice for long hours on end, or play/perform week in, week out.

Hence, they barely have time to rest. If they are involved in competitions, they can go week without having proper time to relax.

The major reason why athletes are being hard on themselves when it comes to practice and play is, the pressure is usually too much. People expect them to deliver mind-blowing results, without minding the input it takes to get it done.

If an athlete does not perform up to standard, and this goes on for a long period, he or she falls out of favor with fans.

Therefore, to prevent this from happening, athletes would practice for long hours not minding the adverse detrimental effect which it has on their body.

One of the common mental health problems which athletes face is anxiety. Before a game, no matter how prepared they are, there is still a bit of anxiety they face.

They are anxious, and always hope the game turns out in their favor. If it does not, they would face backlash from their fans, and it makes them sad.

Another one is depression. This is usually the long-term end result of being sad. A depressed athlete would not be able to perform well, and this could be as a result of not performing up to expectation, which can make fans to dislike them.

Athletes need mental health counselors who they can always interact with, and pour out their mind to prior to and after each sporting event.

Making this a regular habit would prevent the athlete from under-performing, and it would keep mental health problems at bay.

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