Athletes are most times exposed to stress and tension due to the demanding nature of the activities they partake in. This negatively influences their psychological processes, and has an effect on how they think, behave and feel. Athlete’s sporting activities require them to be at their best at all instances, and as a result they must by all means be fit and healthy.
It is important to note that these pressures can affect an athlete’s mental health. Demands in the athletic environment are quite enormous. Daily practices, strength and training programs, traveling for various competitions, rehabilitation and treatment appointments for athletes that sustained one form of injury or the other poses a challenging schedule.
Athletes that takes part in competitions at various levels are exposed to significant amount of stressors which may increase the tendency to develop mental health issues. They face stress and pressure in competing and they are open to anxiety to win at all cost, and depression if they end up not winning.
Also, there are other challenges which they are exposed to which includes sustaining physical injuries, issues with their level of performance or relationship crisis with other teammates and coach, frequent exhaustion from the harshness of training. All these can lead to the athlete facing post traumatic health issues and also problems of depression.
One of the concerns about this issue of mental health is that it might not only affect their performance in sports but also their well-being generally. Depression and anxiety has not only been found to be significant causes of ill performance in sporting activities, but also relates to other alarming issues such as mental disorders at its aggravated state.
The need for an athlete to perform excellently well and even outperform other athletes in a competition, is an enormous one and as such, there is a desperate need to always keep fit at all times. They are expected to have maximum level of endurance and strength for their performance.
They engage in various rigorous activities that requires them to train and exercise constantly. Occasionally, during the course of a sporting activity they may encounter and sustain severe injuries to show the difficulty of the activities they perform.
They endanger their lives now and then to make sure they are successful in what they do. Sometimes, all these activities pose a negative impact on the health of the athlete, most especially the athlete’s mental health.